API Responses

Working with our API gives access to the site functions using a given formal algorithm. This section provides a description of the possible answers obtained from using the methods.

You will receive responses in JSON format, as follows:
where: "response" contains the value described in the corresponding method;
"parameter":"value" - additional parameters according to method descriptions.

If response returns the value ERROR, then the additional error_msg parameter will contain a description of the event that occurred.
Common error_msg
api key need to be changed

wrong api key

no api key provided

error_msg values when executing methods related working with phones
not enough money in the account

Service not define
undefined service

TZID must be number
TZID value must be a number

There is no TZID value
TZID not specified

%mn% to this TZID not applicable
method %mn% is not applicable to the specified TZID

There is no %param% value
There is no %param% value

Wrong characters in parameters
invalid characters in passed data

error_msg values when executing methods for working with an account
Rate change can be made when all current operations finished
The rate can be changed after all operations are completed

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