SMS-REG.COM is a service to receive SMS messages. One-time numbers to receive SMS or rent an individual virtual phone numbers.

Virtual phone numbers provides the ability to receive SMS messages without using a mobile phone. This service is available in any country in the world where there is access to the Internet. The service does not depend on mobile network coverage and does not require equipment or SIM cards. To receive messages, just start using our service. Automatic delivering of messages 24/7, individual numbers, repeat SMS with the same number - all this is possible with us.

Application options:
verification on social networks, marketplaces ets
bypass regional/local restrictions
protection from disclosure of personal data
receive any SMS online
Our advantages:
individual/private phone numbers
automation via easy API
anonymous for personal uses
most secure service since 2012

How to start?

1. Register and get in account;
2. Top up your account and order the necessary service:
- phone number to receive one-time SMS (for verifications/pva);
- phone number to receive all SMS messages during the rental period;
3. Start receiving SMS through your account or using api.

An important advantage of a virtual phone number is a possibility of flexible use in various situations. The flexibility comes from a fact that there is no need to work with physical SIM cards or equipment. In cases where a large number of SMS confirmations are needed, virtual numbers (one-time or disposable) will significantly simplify process. Examples: verifying accounts on social networks, confirming profiles on dating sites, all kinds of advertising subscriptions, registering on gambling sites, and also in all cases when you do not want to disclosure your real number.

Service information provides all services 24/7 at high quality of services. This is ensured by the fact that most of our services for receiving SMS are fully automated - for users of our services this means maximum speed and elimination of errors in received sms messages.
We use several data centers in different countries and cities. This ensures a wide range of provided phone numbers for verification. After all, we do not depend on the work of one specific person or device.
Finally, data security is our top priority and we do our best to apply first class safety measures.

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