: Scope of use - virtual phone number

Have you encountered the following situation: some website or application requires phone number to register, but you don’t want to provide your real phone? Our website was created to solve such problems - we will provide you with a virtual phone number to receive verification messages. gives you the following options for using numbers for SMS:

- receiving SMS to confirm registrations on the sites and services you need;
- rent a virtual phone number for SMS with unlimited incoming messages for a long term;
- disposable (one-time) phone numbers;

The main reasons why you may need a number for SMS:

- to prevent your real phone number from getting into spam databases;
- confirmation of accounts on websites when you do not want to track your real number;
- to protect your phone from fraud, if some site asks you to confirm your phone - you can provide our number for SMS;
- this is an opportunity to play paid online games and other subscription services for free;
- your privace protection;

We implemented completely automated and multi-threaded processing. By using our virtual phone number for SMS you get complete security and anonymity. Your SMS received to this number will be available only to you.

Benefits of using a number for SMS:

- convenient operation: received a number - indicated in registration - received an SMS;
- possibility to get a number at any time of the day;
- unlimited number of available phone numbers;
- speed of activation, average time to receive a response is less than a minute;
- there is no need to contact anyone in advance, the system works automatically;

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